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  • “The Labor Market Returns to Advanced Degrees” (2021) with Joseph G. Altonji, Journal of Labor Economics, 39(2), pp.303-360. [link]

  • “The Effects of Advanced Degrees on the Wage Rates, Hours, Earnings and Job Satisfaction of Women and Men.” (2022) with Joseph G. Altonji and John Eric Humphries, Research in Labor Economics, Volume 50, pp. 25-81. [link]

  • “Effects of Stay-at-home Orders on Skill Requirements in Vacancy Postings” (2023) with Ran Gu, Labour Economics, Volume 82, p.102342. [link]

Working Papers


Works in progress

  • The labor market value of graduate  degrees for African Americans, with Joseph G. Altonji and Lucas Marron.
  • Firm and Worker Dynamics with Knowledge Diffusion, with Tianyu Fan.
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